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Sleeping under the stars has morphed into an exciting experience thanks to the rise of glamping, or “glamorous camping.” This is not your traditional tented camp experience. Some properties feature resort-like amenities such as a beach club or pool, as well as modern necessities like air-conditioning and indoor plumbing.

In the Mexican Caribbean, glamping embraces the region’s natural beauty, and tents and huts blend seamlessly into the surroundings through the use of sustainable, local materials and building techniques borrowed from the Mayans.

Where to Glamp

In the Mexican Caribbean, the majority of glamping options are huddled around Riviera Maya, particularly in Puerto Morelos and Tulum. Glamping places travelers in the heart of the region’s more untouched areas, along deserted, sandy beaches or in the midst of the Mayan jungle under a canopy of trees.

While this isn’t your typical do-it-your-self camping scenario, glamping in Quintana Roo is still on the more rustic side. It’s designed for travelers who want to immerse themselves in nature and sleep alfresco—but in style.

Why Glamp

Adventure-seekers and outdoor lovers can take advantage of prime glamping locations near Riviera Maya’s cave cenotes, believed to be the entry to the Mayan underworld, where visitors can snorkel, scuba, or spelunk into the cavernous, subterranean swimming holes. Glampers can fall asleep to the sound of waves in bohemian, beachfront bell tents, while in Tulum, traditional thatched-roof Mayan huts, crafted from local palm and wood, show off sweeping, 360-degree views of the Mayan jungle. Hammocks replace beds in some of the more minimalist spots, while other dome tents and treehouses are fully furnished and feature amenities like Wi-Fi and a mini-bar.

The cuisine is another draw to this style of accommodation since many glamping spots in the Mexican Caribbean feature restaurants that serve up native ingredients and traditional recipes. A glamping site in Tulum, for example, sits on an organic permaculture farm with a garden of entirely local, indigenous plants. Even the soaps and shampoos are local and natural. Keep in mind, however, that simpler glamping spots may only offer a fire pit and picnic table, so you’ll have to think about meal planning and grocery shopping in advance.

While glamping can be completely secluded, making for a romantic getaway for couples, it can also offer a more community feel with daily yoga classes, wellness amenities, and onsite restaurants, making it more appealing for groups of friends or solo travelers looking to make connections.

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