Museo de la Cultura Maya


In the Mexican Caribbean you will find different types of museums that will allow you to give the cultural touch to your vacation. You can meet interesting venues to learn more about the wonderful and ancient Mayan culture and history. As well as underwater museums where you can explore the depths of the sea to discover marine life and witness how art can help the conservation of our reefs.

Museums in Cancún

Maya Museum of Cancún

It protects one of the most significant archaeological collections of the Mayan culture in the country, including pieces from various Mayan sites of Quintana Roo, Palenque, Chichen Itza and Comalcalco, among other sites. The first room of the museum is dedicated to the archeology of Quintana Roo, the second details general aspects of the Mayan civilization and the third room is dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

The visit to the museum also includes access to the San Miguelito Archaeological Zone, which is composed of several architectural complexes: The Great Pyramid that stands in the main building; The South, which consists of housing units, a palace-like building and small altars; Dragons, named in this way because in the seventies snake heads were found here that the population mistakenly identified as dragons, in this area there is a temple that conserves fragments of wall paintings with designs of animals and marine elements.

MUSA- Underwater Art Museum

The Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA), is located in the National Marine Park of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, has more than 500 sculptures installed on the seabed from 4 to 10 meters deep, also has 3 galleries: Manchones Gallery, in Isla Mujeres where the sculptures are located 8 meters. (26 ft.) Deep; Punta Nizuc Gallery and Punta Sam Gallery, both in Cancun, with sculptures at a depth of 4 meters. (13 ft.) Deep.

MUSA has won international recognition for the originality of his work. All the sculptures, made with marine concrete, were placed in order to create an artificial habitat that helps preserve the beauty of the reef and its corals.

Museums in Cozumel

Island Museum

This museum is located in a historic building that dates back to the 1930s and was one of the first hotels of the destination; offers in its four exhibition halls: The Island, the sea, history and archeology and contemporary Cozumel. It also has two temporary exhibition rooms and donors, as well as a Mayan house and a public library.

Underwater Museum of the Golden Diver (MUSUBO)

Opened by Jean-Michel Cousteau, this underwater museum seeks to diversify water tourism and reduce the impact of visitors to the Cozumel Reef National Park. This area pays tribute to the men and women who love the depths of the sea that left a legacy in the history of diving, in addition to promoting water activities in underwater bronze sculptures of different shapes and sizes submerged between 3 and 5 meters depth that have been covered with marine life.

Museums in Chetumal

Mayan Culture Museum 

It is a representative museum to know one of the most emblematic ancient civilizations in the world. The permanent room is dedicated to the Mayan culture and has three levels that allow a journey through the world of the Maya: their earthly life, the underworld and a celestial vault, always revolving around the so-called Yaxché or ceiba, representative tree and sacred of this ancient civilization.


Museum of the City

It is an enclosure dedicated to Chetumalena history covering its different stages, the Mayan civilization, the Colony, the Caste War, the British architectural influence in Payo Obispo and the passage of Hurricane Janet, among others. An important part of its collection made up of old objects for everyday use was donated by the city community itself. They highlight the clothes of Don Othón Pompeyo Blanco Núñez de Cáceres, founder of the city, and several collections of weapons, coins, vessels, music devices and everyday utensils. It also exhibits a scale replica of the ship known as Chetumal pontoon, which at the beginning of the 20th century functioned as port customs.

Museums in Bacalar

Piracy Museum

Located inside the Fort of San Felipe, this small museum tells the historical development of the area. Its collection is made up of Mayan archeological pieces and objects from the colonial era, such as weapons, ammunition and everyday utensils, as well as plans, maps and information cards. It also exhibits a mural by the master Elio Carmichael, in which the most relevant historical events in the region can be observed.

Museums Maya Ka'an

Caste War Museum

Located in the town of Tihosuco, approximately 2 hours from Tulum.

This museum was created with the purpose of exhibiting, preserving and disseminating the historical passages of the Caste War that took place in the mid-19th century. The museum exhibits weapons, paintings and documents of this important historical event in Quintana Roo; In addition to photographs, models and information sheets about the founding of Chan Santa Cruz, today Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

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