Riviera Maya Beach Chair

Things To Know

Do you still not know the Mexican Caribbean? ... We give you the keys to start preparing your trip to this heavenly destination.


The official currency is the Mexican peso, but the main credit cards and US dollars are accepted in most tourist points of interest.

There are banks, ATMs and exchange houses available in several of the destinations, however, it is recommended to always load with Mexican pesos.

Time zone

Southeast Time (UTC-5), which remains fixed throughout the year.


Most of the year we have a warm and humid climate. The average annual temperature is 26 ° C, the average maximum temperature is 33 ° C and it occurs in the summer months (April and August), the average minimum temperature is 17 ° C during the month of January. The rainy season is from May to October.

What to pack?

  1. When you do aquatic activities that involve marine flora and fauna, we ask you not to use the blocker (even if it is biodegradable), instead you can use a neoprene shirt that protects you from the sun.
  2. In case of doing some other type of activity (hiking, rappelling, bike rides) we recommend the use of sunscreen, sunscreen and biodegradable insect repellent.
  3. Don't forget to bring a hat or cap to reduce the possibility of sunburn and heat exhaustion.
  4. Bring tennis, sandals and water shoes, the latter will be of great help when you visit one of our water parks.
  5. Bring comfortable and fresh clothes.
  6. In the rainy season (May to October), we recommend you bring a light sweater, as the temperature tends to fall.
  7.  Don't forget to bring a bathing suit, so you never have a pretext not to get in the water!
  8. We suggest you pack clothes and accessories for special occasions or to go out for dinner, as some restaurants have a dress code.
  9. In Mexico it is considered a gesture of gratitude for the good service provided to give tips, usually it is between 10 and 15% that is why we recommend you take this into consideration and although in some places load with cash at all times.