Rose Gold Beach Ceremony


  1. The procedures must be carried out before the Civil Registry offices.
  2. Proof of non-existence of State Marriage
  3. Birth Certificate of the parties
  4. CURP (Only for Mexicans)
  5. Identification of the parties and four witnesses (INE or valid Passport). If any of the parties is a minor, present as certified identification of studies.
  6. Prenuptial analysis (V.D.R.L., V.I.H. and R.H.) Certified by a doctor (both documents signed, sealed and with professional identification number) 15 days in force.
  7. If any of the parties is a minor (16 or 17 years old), their parents can sign up as witnesses and if the parents are not there, they will have to present the marriage waiver (they issue it in the family court)
  8. If they are widowed or divorced, file a certificate.

** Note: all documentation must be submitted in original and 2 copies.